What you said in our latest polls

by FT Editor

Socceroos, A-League and VAR are included in the issues covered in our recent polls.

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Reactive strategy comes back to bite Socceroos at a World Cup, yet again

by Tony Tannous

The Socceroos slow start followed by an impressive performance is a familiar story at the World Cup, but questions remain for Bert van Marwijk.

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Postcard from Russia

by Mark Bowman

Mark Bowman gives us the view from the stands so far

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The ‘Floptus’ and ‘Droptus’ saga

by Sally Freedman

After two years of preparation for the world's single biggest sporting event, how could Optus get it so wrong?

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Socceroos next challenge is to build an attack

by Tony Tannous

Tony Tannous reviews the Socceroos performance v France and looks ahead to Denmark

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