New manager, same old Italy

by Charlie Laurendi

The road to redemption for the Azzurri is going to be a long one.

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Long read: a look at Sport Australia’s concerns with the CRWG report

by Bonita Mersiades

Sport Australia and FFA objections to the CRWG report are remarkably similar. We take a close look.

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How to get bums on seats and then drive them away

by Sally Freedman

The FFA's latest proposal to trial music during A-League games is met with derision

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Do regional teams in the NPL have a future?

by Matthew Galea

With two prominent Queensland regional teams handing-back their NPL licenses this year, how healthy is football in Australia's regions?

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2018-19 A-League preview, part 1: A-M

by Stuart Thomas

Stuart Thomas can hardly wait for the A-League season to start ...

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