Bonita Mersiades

Twitter: @bonitamersiades

Founder and editor of Football Today

Bonita is a lifelong football fan, former (very) amateur player, longstanding grassroots volunteer (team manager, club official, canteen assistant, net putter-upper etc) in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Townsville. She has also worked in football with the Brisbane Strikers in the NSL, the NSW Football Federation, as team manager of the Socceroos and as head of corporate and public affairs with Football Federation Australia.

She has written extensively on football for Sporting Intelligence, The Guardian, Football +, the UK Telegraph, Sports Business Insider, City Life, World Football Insider, CNN and others. She was the ghost-writer of Frank Farina's playing biography My World is Round. Her book Whatever It Takes - the Inside Story of the FIFA Way was published in January 2018. 

Bonita is also the co-founder of #NewFIFANow, along with British MP Damian Collins and Jaimie Fuller, an advocacy group campaigning for reform of FIFA - established before the May 2015 arrests. 

She is the founder and editor of Football Today, which is part of Fair Play Publishing

Bonita's teams: Socceroos, Majura, Barcelona, Fiorentina (except when she goes to the local deli and it's Catania)

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