A German journalist, Peter Rossberg, of BILD revealed on Monday (European time) that he has a copy of the 430-page ‘Garcia Report’ into the conduct of the 2018 and 2022 World Cup bids.

Rossberg has written (Google translation of original German):

“Because there are already many questions and comments, I want to write a few lines for explanation.

For everyone who has dealt with the issue of fifa and the Garcia report, it is no surprise: No, the report does not provide proof that the world cup 2018 or 2022 has been bought. It would also be too naive to believe that people like garcia or borbely would have been able to find a definitive proof of this.

No, the Garcia report lives on something else. It's like a puzzle that only makes sense when all the pieces are put together. And in the case of Qatar, there are extremely many pieces of jigsaw puzzle that are on the table and do not give an overall picture. In Part, the behaviour of fifa officials is only brazen and rude. An Executive member threatened before his interrogation that if he wanted to, he could be able to exchange all people anyway. What could be done to him? On the other hand, the accumulation of anomalies can only lead to the result that this world cup has just been bought / Lubricated / frauds, as probably many others before. It's a custom painting about a completely corrupt system.

According to our research, just over the past two years, this garcia report has contributed to the arrest or suspension of many fifa officials. This is the real merit of this report. Many of the contents have already been reported, but never in connection with the Garcia report. He was the beginning of a big avalanche...”

BILD didn’t just ‘obtain’ this report through investigatory work: it was handed to them. As it’s related to FIFA, it’s worth asking who would have the most interest in seeing the report released? Less than two handfuls of people are thought to have access to the report: in Switzerland, Germany, the USA and Australia. Copies were also reported to be held within FIFA.

BILD is known as being close to Franz Beckenbauer and the German football establishment. 

Let’s see what happen next. 

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