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Football fans around the world talk about Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte as just a few of the many managers in the world that are the best, but a lot of fans don’t look towards Mauricio Pochettino as being in the same leagues as those names mentioned. 

Because Tottenham aren’t world beaters right now, it basically means Pochettino isn’t one himself, but when you look at the work he’s done at White Hart Lane he should be compared with the best managers in the world for multiple reasons. Tottenham aren’t going to win the league this year as they have just fallen short of their fierce London rivals, but this season could work as a stepping stone for them to be a success next term. Mauricio has given them the chance to do exactly that.

Pochettino Doesn’t have the Transfer Budget Other Managers Have

One problem Mauricio has that others don’t is that he is very limited in the transfer market when it comes to acquiring top class talent. When you have a chairman in Daniel Levy who has strict transfer policies in place, you’re not going to get the players you want on the market.

Even if Daniel Levy did allow Mauricio to spend £70m on one player, teams such as Man Utd and Man City would be able to stretch to £80m or more if they felt the player was right for them, and that means Tottenham have no hope of acquiring world class talent.

Tottenham are Reliant on their Youth Prospects

It’s not a case of Pochettino having to be reliant on his youth to come in and do a job for him because of Levy’s strict policies, it’s a case of him choosing to manage the club that way because he believes the youth players are what’s going to take the club forward. Yes, Pochettino would love to spend £80m on a world class striker, but he would only do that if he didn’t feel his youth were up to the task.

You only need to look at the season players like Dele Alli have had and he’s ended up being one of the standout players in the Premier League this term, and that’s simply because his manager had faith in his abilities.

Will Tottenham Go One Step Further Next Year?

After the season Spurs have had, finishing in second to Chelsea, it would be hard to not want to put a bet on them to go one step further next year, trying to cash in on early premier league betting offers already available. The likes of Man United and Manchester City haven’t come anywhere close in terms of performance and that’s why Mauricio should be considered as one of the best current managers in the world.

It’s hard to come out and say Mauricio is currently the best manager in the world, but when you look at the facts, it’s clear he doesn’t have the same resources as some of the top managers out there and with what he’s got, he seems to be doing a much better job.

If Spurs did happen to win the league this year then he would be at the top of all fans list as the best manager around, but because he’s going to see Tottenham to a second-place finish, he’s not even considered in the same bracket as Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola – which is unfair.

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