The Association of Australian Football Clubs (AAFC) last night agreed to its inaugural board, subject to ratification of the Constitution at the first annual general meeting next month. 

Until now, the AAFC had an interim board in place, with a steering committee overseeing settlement of the Constitution. 

The eight directors are drawn from National Premier League (NPL) clubs around the country and will guide the organisation through its early phase.

“This is the first step for the Association in achieving the objectives we set for ourselves in our inaugural national meeting in March,” said Tom Kalas, chairman of the steering committee.

“We have an agreed Constitution, and we have nominated our first directors.”

Kalas said the AAFC represents a critical development and performance pathway for football in Australia, with more than 30,000 players taking part. 

Those nominated for the board are:

  • ACT:  Jon Thiele
  • NSW:  Gino Marra
  • NNSW:  Christo Patsan
  • QLD:  Rabieh Krayem 
  • SA:  Amin Ayoubi
  • TAS:  Victoria Morton
  • VIC:  Dean Hennessey
  • WA:  Gary Marocchi

Once the Constitution and the new Board are ratified, the AAFC has a number of other priorities they will pursue.  

​Key amongst those is the concept of a second tier competition, which AAFC members see as being of critical importance to the development of the game. 

The AAFC says they will work with FFA, the state federations, the PFA and member clubs and players to get the best possible model within the resources available.

“The experienced football people on the new board, such as Gary Marocchi, know that having more young men and women playing football more often is a vital factor in improving our football standards and quality,” Kalas said. 

Collectively, the NPL clubs have coverage of more than 30,000 registered players of semi-professional and amateur status, with responsibility for management of significant community assets through boutique football facilities and sporting infrastructure.

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