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The first stage of tickets for next year's World Cup went on sale on Thursday - and they're not cheap.

To purchase tickets, fans are required to submit an application via FIFA's website. Prices for Category C tickets ranging from $137 for a non-resident group match through to $592 to attend the Final as a non-resident. In line with previous World Cup tournaments, tickets at reduced prices are set aside for Russian residents. 

All applications made in the first phase, before 12 October 2017, will enter a random selection draw if there are not enough tickets available to fulfil all requests, with applicants notified of the outcome of their applications by 16 November 2017. From 16 November to 28 November, tickets will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Another phase will begin on 5 December after the draw is made and there will also be a "last-minute" sales phase from 18 April to 15 July, the day of the World Cup Final.

The cost converted to Australian dollars is set out below rounded to nearest dollar, and using the exchange rate provided on 14 September. 

MatchCat 1Cat 2Cat 3


Round of 16$319$241$150$49
3rd/4th play-off$475$332$228$82

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