We've missed a few days of Football Media Watch - and may do so periodically over the next month or so - but we're back for today. 

And, of course, it's nearly all about the Socceroos.

Could it get any more nerve-racking for fans? Could it get any bigger for Ange and the players? Could it get any more potentially, well frankly, salivating for the chief financial officer of FFA?

  • Once again, when it comes to a big occasion, we turn to the really, truly evergreen Tim Cahill says Ray Gatt.
  • Meanwhile, Ange was at his feisty best admitting that he's "not everyone's cup of tea" .... but he really doesn't care what the commentariat think. 
  • Ange says his game plan can take us all the way to the World Cup, and that qualifying is not an end in itself. Being competitive when we get there is - via Michael Lynch.
  • Importantly, Ange is full of faith and the players of the arsenal to get to Russia. 
  • It's written in typical tabloid style, but here's a rundown on what's at stake from Matt Windley.


  • Simon Hill takes a look at tonight's opposition, Thailand.

Mike Cockerill

  • Ange pays tribute to Mike Cockerill saying he'd always be the type to send a text when things didn't go well, not just when things were great - such as last Thursday night. We reckon the Socceroos will do this game tonight for Mike.


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