Suddenly, everyone’s got the laptop out and tapping out the stories.

  • The first big news is that we owe the UAE – after all, that’s how it works in football … you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. In this instance, they defeated Saudi Arabia, 2-1, in their World Cup qualifier this morning our time which means Saudi Arabia are still equal with us on points (16) but with one fewer game to play.
  • What it means is we still need a win and a draw to get through. Matt Windley goes through the possibilities here.
  • Simon Hill writes of the panic setting-in in Japan over the state of the national team. (They do realise they’re leading the group, yeh?)
  • Matt Spiranovic says he’s staying-put in the Chinese Second Division even if it harms his Socceroos chances. Ange would prefer to see him play at a higher level, but Spira is captain and says he is guaranteed game time.
  • Speaking of Spiranovic, does he come back in?
  • ‘It’s about what team can get the job done,’ says Robbie Kruse, speaking an almost universal truth.
  • Kruse is also ignoring the steamy Saitama conditions.

Mitch Langerak

  • Mitch has left Japan to return to Germany to ‘sort out some club issues’. He was a fan favourite at Stuttgart after stellar performances last season to help them get promotion, but he was usurped as number one ‘keeper for this season. Could a move be on the horizon before transfer deadline day?



  • Tucked right away almost at the end here is Lawrie McKinna – who seems to do almost every job on offer at Newcastle Jets nowadays – saying he’s happy to bring more A-League to Canberra. Hey, Lawrie mate, you do realise that’s been tried before? That Newcastle and Canberra are 440km apart? And they have about as much in common as Neil Diamond and Kim Kardashian (not that we’re saying which is which).


  • It's hardly news - just regurgitation of an FFA media release with a photo - but it is good to see demand running high for Australia v Brazil next month. 

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