Where do we start? Again, there's really only one subject today and that's what we'll stick with. And, for a change, we'll 

Australia v Thailand

What people said

  • In what has been described by some as an 'on-air rant', Mark Bosnich reflected the views of many fans - particularly the Twitterati - who believe Ange Postecoglou is, at best, on thin ice; at worst, should go. Read it, and about it, here.
  • Ange, on the other hand, says his players have been 'magnificent'.
  • Ange said he is also stunned that the performance didn't match the result - but, hey, isn't that often the way in football? That's why play-offs can be so unfair compared with a qualification series .... 

What happened next

Everyone should know by now that Saudi Arabia beat Japan 1-0 in Jeddah, which sees them join Iran, Japan and South Korea for the four automatic qualifiying spots for the Asian Football Confederation. This puts Australia in the play-off spot v Syria and, if we get through that, a play-off spot against the fourth placed team in CONCACAF. It seems for most, this spells disaster, doom and gloom. 

The fact that we're up against war-torn Syria in the play-offs isn't just making news in Australian media outlets.

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