Australia should withdraw from 2023 race

by Bonita Mersiades

With FIFA to decide the 2023 Women's World Cup by vote of the FIFA Council only, we should get out now.

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Gavin Rae - the unknown hero

by Roger Sleeman

Is Gavin Rae, the former Dundee, Rangers, Cardiff City, Aberdeen and Scottish international, one of the best kept secrets of Australian football?

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The best players welcome criticism says USWNT mentor James Galanis

by Con Stamocostas

When is a coach a 'bully' and when is a coach doing what they can to get the best out of players?

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W-League grand final lives up to its title

by Matthew Galea

The W-League Grand Final gave the women's game in Australia the statement it deserved.

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Football culture problems in Australia are much deeper and broader than the Matildas

by Bonita Mersiades

FFA may be 'comfortable' legally when it comes to Alen Stajcic, but the new-ish Board still needs to address the cultural issues in the game.

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