Football clubs, teams and individual fans who support marriage equality have a great opportunity to be part of a $1 million giveaway in sports apparel from SKINS.

Chairman of SKINS, and co-founder of #NewFIFANow Jaimie Fuller, says he is putting his money where his mouth is with a $1 million promise. 

Mr Fuller has pledged that his company will give away $1 million of SKINS gear if the YES vote in the current national survey on marriage equality being conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics reaches 70% or more. 

“We don’t want the YES vote to just scrape through, we need it to be a complete landslide,”Mr Fuller said.

“We want to send a clear message to the world that we are a tolerant, fair and progressive nation that embraces the important social movements of our time.

“Marriage equality is key amongst those.”

SKINS is also encouraging people to put their own #SkinInTheGame by making an individual pledge if the vote reaches 70%. 

“We ask people to show their support by retweeting and sharing my message, as well as pledging what they will do if the vote gets above the magic 70%,” Mr Fuller said. 

“You don’t have to part with a million bucks, but whatever it is, Tweet, Facebook or Instagram your pledge with #SkinInTheGame to help bring Australia into the 21st century.”

SKINS has a record of social advocacy through the power of sport, from campaigning for reform of the UCI (world cycling) and FIFA, to giving away hundreds of thousands of pairs of rainbow laces, to designing and launching rainbow-branded calf tights to raise awareness of LGBTI issues.

“A big part of our work in LGBTI issues has been fighting against prejudice faced by the community,” says Mr Fuller.

The bold pledge from Mr Fuller follows a number of Australian sporting organisations, including Football Federation Australia, throwing their support behind the YES campaign for marriage equality. 

“Football Federation Australia has got many things wrong in my view but, on this, I applaud them for being prepared to stand-up for the LGBTI community. It's something football fans should be proud of.”

Mr Fuller has also specifically addressed football fans and players who may still have their #RainbowLaces from earlier in the year, to show their support for marriage equality by wearing them to A-League games throughout October.

Writing on his personal blog, Mr Fuller said: “If you love someone and want to commit to them, what is the difference between whether it’s a man and a woman, a man and a man, or a woman and a woman? What is wrong with more love in the world? What is wrong with a family unit that values commitment, love, belonging and building for the future, however that is shaped?”

If the 70% benchmark is reached, SKINS will give away:

*  100 x $1,000 individual SKINS product packages; and

*  100 x $9,000 SKINS product packages for clubs, teams, schools.

To find out more and to register for one of the packages, visit www.skininthegame.com.au

And to get into the spirit of things, at FootballToday.news we will pledge to attend at least one A-League home game of every team in the 2017-18 season (and, as we do not have media accreditation, that's at our expense) - wearing our #RainbowLaces of course. 


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