The Association of Australian Football Clubs (AAFC) has announced that it has been invited by FFA to meet with FIFA and the AFC as part of the stakeholder group meetings in Sydney later this week. The purpose of the meetings is to assist FFA in settling the composition of a new-look FFA Congress. He said the AAFC delegation will meet with other stakeholders during the week also. 

“The central message from AAFC will be that the second tier clubs that form the national premier league competition but we are not structurally represented in football,” said AAFC Chairman, Rabieh Krayem. 

“Yet we are an important component of the national football ecosystem.”

When the FFA Constitution was drawn-up, the national premier league competition, whose clubs form the basis of AAFC membership, did not exist.

Krayem said AAFC members see themselves as a “bridge between old and new football.”

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