Australia – it’s time to shine, as we say in our Photo of the Day today. Not just on-the-field where Ange Postecoglou and the Socceroos say they have had a ‘perfect’ preparation – but off-the-field.

It is off-the-field where major events such as the Asian Cup have the potential to make a difference to how a nation is perceived by others, and also how we see our selves. 

Best wishes to Michael Brown and his team for a great event which does Australia proud.

For those who want to keep up-to-date, here within the pages and sections of Football Today you’re spoilt for choice with previews, news and commentary and will continue to be throughout the tournament.  There is a choice of the ‘traditional’ media together with our daily video and image features on the home page; the many fine independent media; our Asian football section; and an Arabic section considering that nine of the 16 nations at the Asian Cup are from Arabic-speaking nations. 

Welcome to all. Enjoy the festival of football.

And #GoSocceroos. 

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