Reports surfaced on Monday in German media, repeated elsewhere, about the latest revelation related to Franz Beckenbauer and his close associates, Fedor Radmann and Andreas Abold.

The revelations relate to an alleged payment made by FIFA to Beckenbauer that was transferred to an account in Gibraltar, a tax haven. It is also alleged Radmann and Abold received a payment from FIFA. The payment was for consultancy work conducted by the trio for the winning South African World Cup Bid that the South African Football Association was unable to pay. 

It is in addition to allegations regarding alleged dubious payments between the German FA (DFB) and FIFA for Germany 2006. The same three men were prominent in the bid for Germany 2006 but as well as the subsequent organisation of the tournament.

They were also prominent in the Australian Bid.

Radmann was engaged by  FFA for the sum of $3.7m via Abold’s company. Will the Swiss authorities investigate the possibility that this generous fee (a rate of approximately $150,000 per month) included an allocation for Beckenbauer, who was a member of the FIFA Executive Committee at the time? 

Abold, who was responsible for the kangaroo leather bound Bid Book that no-one read, the dreadful final presentation and the technical inspection, had a separate contract for $3.2m.

An FFA report shows that $13.7m of taxpayers’ money was spent on the areas for which Radmann and Abold were responsible - $6.8m more than the original contracted amounts. It is perplexing that despite Abold’s experience and expertise, he under-estimated the scope and cost of the work by so much.

Beckenbauer is considered by some to have been the one Executive Committee member who voted for Australia. Sepp Blatter has claimed publicly that he is.

L-R:  Abold, Radmann and Beckenbauer raise a toast to one of their latest ventures – Lammershoek Winery in South Africa where the marquee blend is named ‘Libero No. 5’

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