In its latest promotional film for the Bundesliga competition, fans of various teams have been put to a 'loyalty test'. 

The online campaign, created by the Belgian advertising agency Duval Guillaume, showcases two fake football agents separately inviting three die-hard fans of FC Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and Borussia Mönchengladbach. They asked them to change their favourite teams and lured them with money and cars.

However, all the three fans denied the agents' overtures on the basis that football is about character and passion and not money. Changing their loyalty would mean changing their identity.

As the fans walked out, they were greeted and cheered by other fans of their clubs thus asserting that true fans are not for sale. FIFA and other governing bodies would do well to heed the message.

It may also come as a surprise why the Bundesliga would need to run a campaign mid-season in any case. The rationale given by a spokesman was the hot topic of the moment is the transfer window, and speculation on where players will go. 

“Everyone talks about star players that change clubs for money but we wanted to show what a 'star fan' would do. This film puts every fan on a pedestal and really proves that fans have no price.”

Well played Bundesliga. 


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