Over recent weeks, with a few tweaks to our home page and introduction of a regular poll, we've been taking the pulse of some of our readers when it comes to some of the issues in football today. 

From whether Sydney FC would be defeated, to the quality of the A-League, to your number one choice for an A-League expansion team, we've asked the questions and you've told us what you think - albeit sometimes in bigger numbers than others.

We don't pretend for a moment that these polls are scientific. They should not be relied upon in any way. They are simply a fun snapshot of what football fans are thinking at a point in time. 

So with all those caveats, here's a look at what you said about some of the talking points of the past week or two. (Please note that in all instances, we round-up or down to the nearest whole percentage).

Sydney FC's season

Prior to Sydney FC being defeated by Newcastle Jets, we asked whether Sydney FC would go through the season undefeated. 

  • Most respondents (70%) thought they would, with almost half of those saying “yes, unfortunately” as opposed to just “yes” - clearly not Sydney FC rusted-on fans. 

Daniel Arzani

We asked who Daniel Arzani would opt to play for.

  • This was one of the most surprising results for us. Approximately 68% said 'Australia' while the rest said they didn't care. No-one picked Iran. Didn't care! Seriously?

A-League quality

What about A-League quality? We asked how this season compared with last?

  • More than four-in-five (82%) of respondents said it was 'About the same'. Approximately 12% said it was 'Better', while everyone else thought it had deteriorated. 

Socceroos squad

Prior to Bert van Marwijk selecting his 26-man squad for the Socceroos friendlies this month, we asked who he was most likely to cull from the larger selection. (And, in fact, one has to wonder why they bother with the larger selection ...).

  • Quite a number (22%) opted for Joshua Brillante. Wrong.
  • Some (29%) selected Alex Gersbach. Correct.
  • The remainder (49%) selected Mitch Langerack. Corrent - and he was one of the obvious ones with the inclusion of Brad Jones.
  • No-one thought van Marwijk would leave out Jamie Maclaren.

A-League teams in ACL

We asked how the two A-League teams would fare in this week's Asian Champions League, giving all options. Interestingly - perhaps indicative of the lack of profile of this comeptition - this was the least popular of our polls with just 36 responses.

  • The responses didn't show a lot of confidence, and were split evenly with half saying both would lose, the other half saying both would draw. In the event, Melbourne Victory won and Sydney FC drew.

A-League expansion

Finally, we asked if you had to select just one location for an expansion team in the A-League, where would you pick. We gave a huge number of choices around the country.

There were 458 responses with almost one-third (30%) opting for the growth corridor of south-west Sydney, more than two-in-ten (22%) opting for Canberra, Brisbane coming in third with 15% of the vote and Tasmania fourth with 10%.

If south-west Sydney, southern Sydney and the Illawarra were counted as one - and anyone who lives in Sydney would know that is a folly because of the distances involved and time taken to travel anywhere - then the support for a team covering this geographic area would be 37%.

If the Gold Coast is counted along with Brisbane, the support for south-east Queensland reaches 20%. 

Interestingly there was no support for a third team in Melbourne, although some support (8%) for Geelong. 

Current poll

Our current poll is about how you view Besart Berisha's behaviour when he was substituted in the Asian Champions League match during the week. Let us know what you think!

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