Manchester City is an excellent team and without doubt deserve their lead at the top of the Premier League.

As the halfway mark of the 2017/18 season approaches, Pep Guardiola's team remain unbeaten. Not only that, they have set a new Premier League record by winning an incredible 15, yes 15 consecutive matches. No other team has managed 15 straight triumphs in a single Premier League season.

But just how good are they?

The clearest point of comparison in the Premier League era is Arsenal's Invincibles who did not lose a game in the entire 2003-04 season. Arsenal had immense pace up front and often attacked at speed that blew their rivals away, which isn’t dissimilar to the Manchester City we are seeing now.

However, in recent weeks, Huddersfield Town, Southampton and West Ham United have forced Guardiola's team to battle hard. City have needed late goals to win against three sides from the bottom half of the table. As the season progresses, managers will likely slowly begin to work out how they can attempt to apply the brakes on De Bruyne, Aguero, Sterling, Jesus and co - although not so in Thursday morning's match! Manchester City enjoyed a 0-4 win against Swansea City with a brace to Silva and a goal each to De Bruyne and Aguero.

Last-gasp winners are often the trademark of quality teams; they wear down the opposition and score the winner with just minutes to spare. But I’m not sure it will be as easy from January onwards, as City will start to face teams for the second time meaning players and managers will be more familiar with Guardiola's tactics and perhaps the astute ones will be more likely to execute a winning game plan.

So, back to our original question: Is City Invincible?

Possibly. Some say they are arguably the most exciting side to watch in Premier League history. Pre-season, I predicted they would finish top of the table and it looks like I may have been on the money. However, I also predicted Burnley would get relegated … and as I write this, they are sitting in an impressive fourth place, so maybe my predictions are not that accurate!

We all know anything can happen in a game of football and Manchester City still has a long way to go to prove they are the best. However, I’m quite sure no other team looks good enough to stop Pep lifting the Premier League trophy this season. Time will tell. 

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