We are inspired by David Gallop who yesterday likened Australian football to a “hamburger with the lot”. 

There’s nothing like a good analogy to make a point and Gallop does this simply and effectively. 

But we did wonder about the hamburger.

Putting aside that many Australians don’t eat ham (and 'burgers with the lot include bacon) – including the FFA Chairman – it might not be quite so appropriate. Some others are allergic to egg. And while “the lot” is noted, is the tasty – some might even say relatively nutritious – but humble hamburger just a little too monocultural for the point Gallop was making? That is, there’s the A-League (“the meat in the hamburger”), the W-League, the Asian Cup, the Women’s World Cup etcetera … all the things we know about.

In light of this, we’ve come up with a different culinary contribution. Instead of a hamburger with the lot, we think Australian football is more Samarkand Rice Pilaf with Lamb, a fusion of east and west forged on the Silk Road with a mix of the Middle East, South Asia, the Slavic nations, the Russian steppes and more – and good old Aussie lamb.

With that DNA mixed together over centuries, you’re more likely to get the Australia we claim we are and certainly should aspire to be – a true intercultural fusion.

So we ask the big question: if Australian football was a menu item what would it be for you?

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