We wrote last week about how we were so looking forward to the World Cup, but were nonetheless mindful - always - of the background issues around this World Cup (and the next) and this host nation (and the next). Professor David Rowe of Western Sydney University presents them here

Already Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etcetera are full of friends and colleagues having a wonderful time and discovering that, hey, Russians are friendly. Well of course they are. It's not 'ordinary' Russians that concern us  - just ask the Skripal's. 

Last week, we also shared the story of a French journalist who was concerned about Saturday night's match between Les Bleus and the Socceroos. We were talking with another French person, deeply engrained in football, only yesterday who said much the same thing:

“Players like Mbappé plays for a team [Paris St Germain] who thinks a draw is a loss. If they take it too easy, your team is fast, strong, athletic, never gives up. Who knows what will happen? Van Marwijk will have them disciplined. I'll be happy with a 1-1 draw in this game.”

Now, if you were Bert van Marwijk heading into this game, would you take a 1-1 draw? We suspect the answer might be Oui Oui or Ja Ja in his case (not to be confused with a Greek person speaking of their grandmother).

Before we sign-off, some of our terrific World Cup analysis and opinions from a local angle presented in our World Cup section


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