Regular readers of Football Today will know that, every two months or so, we share the results of the pop-polls we run at the foot of our home page. Our report this time dates back all the way to before the game between Australia and Peru at the World Cup - which seems a long, long time ago.

Here are the results. As always, these polls are not scientific; they're just a bit of fun; and we provide the number of voters for each poll in brackets. To vote in our latest one, go here - we ask whether you think Usain Bolt can 'make it' as an A-League player.

World Cup

Could the Socceroos win v Peru? (n=142)

  • Most of us still held out hope with 78% saying ‘yes’ and the remainder ‘no’.

Who did you support amongst the quarter-finalists? (n=65)

  • Perhaps reflecting the readership, England was the favourite, but there was also strong support for the teams who would eventually go on to be semi-finalists. Brazil, Russia and Sweden all had single digit support.

Of the four semi-finalists, which team looked the most likely to you? (n= 89)

  • By this stage, Robbie Slater had called it for France. Surprisingly, the responses were fairly evently split with:
    • just under 19% calling it for Belgium
    • 22% for Croatia
    • 31% for England, and
    • 28% for France.

Overseas visitors (n=37)

  • With Chelsea making a lightning visit to Perth in July, we asked what other teams you’d like to see visit Australia for a pre-season game. Here are the results. Match agents take note! 
  • By the way, the 'Others' included Atletico Madrid, Arsenal, Bayern Munich, Juventus and Real Madrid.

Usain Bolt (n=413)

  • Our most popular question of this entire group, with a huge response.
  • We asked whether Usain Bolt’s attempt to become an A-League player was a good idea or not. A few people said it was ‘Fantastic’ (3%), with more than one-third were willing to ‘Give it a try’ (38%) because any marketing idea was better than none. The remainder (59%) said ‘It’s one of the stupidest ideas’ they had heard of.

Premier League (n=49)

  • We gave six choices for your tip for this season's Premier League, plus an ‘other’ category, but no-one took up the latter. Here are the responses. 

FFA governance (n=24)

  • With the publication of the Congress Reform Working Group report, we asked about your attitude towards it. There were not a huge number of responses but absolutely everyone (100%) wanted the warring parties just to ‘Get on with it’.

Steven Lowy (n=156)

  • Our most recent question was more specifically around Steven Lowy’s resignation that wasn’t really a resignation - and it was a popular one too! No-one took up the option that it was a ‘Terrible day for football’, but there was an even split between those who were ‘Not too concerned’ (47%) but would like to know the alternative, and those would think it’s ‘About time!’ (53%). 

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