It was interesting to read Ray Gatt’s article on the $160,000 needed to fund the Pararoos to attend next month’s World Championships in Denmark. Ray writes:

“Football Federation Australia have done as much as they possibly can, but are hamstrung by their own financial issues ...”

There is another perspective to the affordability of this tournament for FFA. 

Let’s put aside whether the financial issues FFA face are of their own making (they mostly are). But finding $160,000 to fund the Pararoos should be a priority the national body can easily fund.

Last financial year FFA had total revenue of $163 million. Even allowing for the Asian Cup, it was $105 million, with a surplus of $386,000. That means FFA is making the Pararoos ‘fundraise’ – and putting the onus on fans of the game to ensure they go to Denmark – for the sake of 0.15% of their ordinary (ie. non Asian Cup) revenue in 2015. 

However, without even having a level of detail that FFA doesn’t like to give in its financial reports – even FIFA’s financial reports are more informative! – here’s an easy place to find $160,000: key management personnel. That means the CEO and executive management.

The payments to key management personnel for FFA last financial year were a whopping $4.5 million. And, no, that doesn’t include the Asian Cup CEO and executive who received an additional $3.8 million on top of that. With ten people listed as being ‘key management personnel’ at an average salary of $450,000, they could forsake 3.5% of their salary each and fund the Pararoos.

Should they have to do so? Fundamentally, no, of course not.

But should the rest of us be made to feel that we’re the solution to help the Pararoos go to Denmark? No, we shouldn’t. 

However, the Pararoos don’t deserve to miss out because FFA is unable to spare 0.15% of their turnover to get them to Denmark. I have made a donation to the cause. All power to Chris Pyne and his team mates who have done so well to get this far.

In the absence of FFA making sufficient priority for the Pararoos, perhaps there’s a potential sponsor willing to contribute? 

Individuals or organisations can donate here via the Australian Sports Foundation (note: the page is a little slow). See the feature video on the Pararoos also. 

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