Thanks to the loyalty of the A-League managers, it was easy to sniff around Westfield shopping centres during the week, waiting for them to deposit their Christmas wish lists in Santa’s mailbox.

Luckily, the rather flimsily built structures are quite simple to infiltrate and access to the ten handwritten notes was easy to obtain. 

So what did the managers ask for? In an exclusive for Football Today, I can reveal their secret wishes.

I’m not sure Santa and his elves will be able to meet all the requests but it would be interesting to be a fly on the wall and see the manager’s faces on Christmas morning.

Marco Kurz (Adelaide United)

Dear Santa (I am still getting used to that word)

Could I please have a striker for Christmas?  In actual fact, I don’t even mind waiting until the transfer window if I have to. A tall, intimidating guy with a fear of sidelines would be great. I really need a presence in the centre of attack. If you don’t know too much about football, just think of the Chief from One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest and you should get the idea.

John Aloisi (Brisbane Roar)

Mr Claus

Normally I ask for one gift Santa, but I am afraid I need a couple of things this year. Would it be possible for you to whip up an invisibility cloak similar to the one Harry Potter used? I can’t walk down the street up here in Brisbane without leers and comments being speared in my direction. It is really denting my confidence. A little Grecian 2000 would also help. I’m looking older and older by the day, trying to get this basket case of a team on the right track.

Mike Mulvey (Central Coast Mariners)

Dear Saint Nicholas

I have but one wish for this Christmas season. Is there any chance of magically concocting a win for the Central Coast Mariners? My boys are doing their best but frankly, we stink. 

Tony Popovic (Perth Glory)

Dear Jolly One

Last year I asked you for a job in Australia, a host of talented players with which to work and some Wanderers’ vibes from all those years ago. And didn’t you deliver? Thank you. Just keep it rolling big fella, we are on our way to a grand final.

Warren Joyce (Melbourne City)

Hi Santa old chap

Any chance of waving a little magic dust around my team and keeping them happy for the rest of the season? I reckon I’ve got a squad that, on paper, can threaten. However, bloody Bruno is acting like a big baby and after all the hassles with Tim Cahill and Neil Kilkenny last season, it would be nice to fly under the A-League radar for a while. Oh, and if you could convince our supporters to hang around and outnumber the seagulls, that would also be a big help! 

Kevin Muscat (Melbourne Victory)

Hey Fatso

I’m not too sure I need much from you this year mate. I’ve got Honda, Toivonen and Niedermeier. Unless you want to chuck a Modric, Messi or Ronaldo into my stocking on Christmas morning, I think I’ll be right with this lot. 

P.S.  I’ll put a grand final ticket aside for you and Mrs Claus. We’ll get on the sauce after the game like last time.

Ernie Merrick (Newcastle Jets)


It would be great if you could keep my boys healthy for the rest of the season. You let me down last May and the silly little VAR contraption you gave to the FFA turned out to be some of your elves' worst handiwork. I’m losing my patience with you.

Steve Corica (Sydney FC)


I’m a little disappointed that our arrangement appears to be wavering at your end. Might I suggest that Christmas brings a return to A-League domination, a frightfully efficient defence and a stream of goals that build an intimidating lead at the top of the ladder. I thought that was the deal you struck with Graham? This is not turning out as I had expected. #stressed. 

Mark Rudan (Wellington Phoenix)

Dear Santa Claus

Last year I asked merely for an opportunity. Thank you. Whilst things are humming along quite well, I would ask that you obliterate the global conspiracy against my team. I know Trump and Putin are behind it; I see them peering through my windows at night. I promised New Zealand a semi-final appearance and we are on track despite the tools used by the conspirators. Can VAR be vaporised?

Markus Babbel (Western Sydney Wanderers)

Dear der Weihnachtsmann

This might seem a little simplistic but would you be able to send me a map of New South Wales? Frankly, I am lost. In Germany, teams have a home Stadium. The Wanderers have me all over the place. Sometimes we play at the weirdly named Spotless Stadium, other matches are held in some monstrosity called ANZ. Earlier in the season we played on a cricket pitch and five weeks ago we all got on a bus and went to a place called Mudgee! I feel like a German backpacker.

Merry Christmas to all the Football Today readers, writers and editors. Stay safe and have a wonderful time with family and friends.

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