If Nic Natainui is the ‘King of Perth’, Samantha Kerr is the Queen – or at least should be.

As Kerr converted her second goal with a sublime volley in Newcastle, she once again dominated sporting headlines around Australia. However, while her home city of Perth has kept a close eye on her for a number of years, the city is yet to embrace her to the stature her recent exploits deserve.

What work is being done right now by FFA to recognise her corporate marketability within Western Australia?

In the beginning, ‘Nic Nat’ as he is affectionately known came out of the West Coast Eagles marketing team. Funds and resources directed at a local level maximised corporate revenue for one of Australia’s richest AFL clubs.

Are conversations being held with Channel 7 Perth to have a regular spot for Kerr?  Bernd Stange’s regular appearances on Channel 7 brought Perth Glory and football in this state an unprecedented profile.

Stange re-shaped the football landscape in Perth. Kerr is capable of being the transformative figure who delivers the growth the world game needs in Western Australia.  

She loves Australian Rules and football, which was key to the growth of Glory in the late 1990s. Perth Glory attracted a large number of AFL members who helped to create ‘Glorymania’.  

Perth is a city that puts its sporting superstars on a pedestal. It is an intense culture that feeds itself. With its limited financial resources, FFA should pick the low hanging fruits. Perth and Sam Kerr are one of the juiciest it can find. Importantly, as a West Australian, I believe she is not only relevant to the women's game and the W-League, but also the A-League. 

At this point, the east coast may love her, but for home-grown Kerr, in parochial Perth, there is an opportunity for her to be regarded with as much appreciation and affection as past champions such as Dennis Lillee and Adam Gilchrist (cricket), and Natanui, Ben Cousins, Chris Judd and Matthew Pavlich (Australian Rules).

I believe Sam Kerr is key to awakening the sleeping giant. If we do so, crowds of 40,000+ in Perth won’t just be part of the history books, but a reality of the present. 

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