We know that this is the first of the two World Cups that were won because of a bunch of allegedly greedy individuals at the hands of allegedly corrupt practices by the two nations that won - in which, by the way, almost every other bidder that participated also indulged or, at the very least, put their proverbial big toe a little over the line that should not be crossed between 'right' and 'wrong'. 

The question endlessly comes up about whether Qatar will actually host the 2022 World Cup but the question is no less apposite for Russia which has been somewhat fortunate that Qatar has taken the heat (literally) and focus off them all these years. 

The fact is, Russia is happening. Real soon. Qatar? Who knows?

And, despite all that, and knowing all that - not to mention all the other geopolitical issues around Russia - we can't help but look forward to the World Cup and our Socceroos.

As we mention in today's daily round-up of the latest football news, we're all a little in 'like' (we wouldn't go so far as to say 'love') with Jose Mourinho because he tipped Australia to come second in our group. #YayJose. Plus the performance against the Czech Republic (which actually wants to be called Czechia) was encouraging: a work-in-progress, for sure, but encouraging.

A French journalist said to our editor a few weeks back that the game that he and his colleagues dread in Group C is the opening one because, he says (put on your best French accent now): “You know our team. They can be arrogant. No? And they will take you too easy.”

Au bientôt! Way to go mate.

And when we were talking with former French international, Louis Saha (not trying to name-drop, but we really were, only last week), we both agreed that Tim Cahill was bound to come on in about the 76th minute of the game, score a header and that would be that. In Louis' scenario, it was an equaliser; in ours, it was the winner.

Anyway, enjoy the World Cup! Try to ignore the soft diplomatic effort from Vladimir Putin because it is all a ruse (a coincidence that Russia and ruse share their first three letters?!).

And please do enjoy our unique look at the World Cup from all angles, and watch our for our contributors' tips this time next week!


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