Chatloop is a fledgling social enterprise that has been helping people from refugee backgrounds learn new languages so they can build new lives.

For over a year now, Chatloop has been connecting refugee language learners to volunteers through WhatsApp. Together, they have they have a chat or play a game sending text or audio messages on WhatsApp.

When they’re finished, they connect to a new partner for another activity. Only a few messages a day are sent, so the learner gets a great drip feed of authentic communication, and the volunteers can make a difference with just five minutes of their day.

This pilot program has been really successful, so the next step is to build a bespoke Chatloop app so that more refugees and volunteers can connect on Chatloop.

To help make this app a reality, please contribute to Chatloop's crowdfunding campaign. Their aim is to make a world where displaced people can connect with the rest of the world, learn languages, and feel supported by the greater community.

To find out more direct from Chatloop, click on the widget below. 


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