Every 5-7 days we ask a new question in our latest poll, the results of which we like to share with you. It's been a while since we've reported so this includes questions dating back to just before the A-League grand final (remember that?!).

As always, we remind you that our polls are not scientific, just a bit of fun, an individual can vote more than once, and the number of respondents to each poll question varies. To assist you to gauge the outcome, we've include the number of votes in brackets after each issue. 

Tim Cahill (n=155)

It's a 'game of opinions' as we all know, and this was nowhere more evident than in our question about whether you'd include Tim Cahill in the Socceroos squad for the World Cup. The responses showed that the majority (71%) were definitely leaning towards Cahill's inclusion rather than exclusion. Of course, we all know the outcome, but here's what you said: 

  • Yes:  32%
  • No:   29%
  • Undecided - give until the last possible moment to prove himself:  39%

A-League semi-final ban (40)

We asked what people thought about the four match ban for JP de Marigny (now with Western Sydney Wanderers) and Dean Anastasiadis. Reflecting the fact again that it is definitely a game of opinions, it was a 50-50 split in the responses between “not enough” and “correct”.  We don't know whether this was also split on the grounds of team support. 

The other two options of “too much” and “ridiculous” received no votes. 

A-League Grand Final (98)

Consistent with an earlier poll involving Newcastle Jets, we seem to have had a lot of their fans responding to this one!

Every respondent bar four voted for Newcastle Jets to win the A-League Grand Final. The overwhelming vote in favour of Newcastle Jets was split evenly between “win in regular time” and “win in extra time”. The other four all voted for Melbourne Victory “in extra time”. 

    A-League marquee players (86)

    We asked whether you agree with the concept of 'big name' marquee players such as Andres Iniesta.

    • 74% said “yes” (were they all agents?!)
    • 20% said “no”
    • 6% were “undecided”.

    What do you think of #Cahilltex? (112)

    We know what our contributor, Sally Freedman, thought of #Cahilltex. It seems Sally wasn't alone with all but one person voting for the “hate it” option.

    The one who didn't love it, but instead saw it as “a necessary evil in today's sporting world”. Fair enough.

    Who will win Australia's Group at the World Cup? (27)

    This question must have been too easy. Not many respondents, and everyone agreed that France would top the group. And so they have. 

    Should Daniel Arzani start against France? (79)

    With most commentators and analysts advocating for Arzani to be used as  a super-sub, rather than a starter, this result pleased us because it shows we think independently of the so-called experts. (Again: it's a game of opinions!). Two-thirds of you (53) said “yes”; the remainder said “no”.

    Result of France v Australia (145)

    Another popular poll, and these results also surprised us.

    Our readers may be passionate Socceroos supporters but they have hard heads when it comes to tipping with more than half (77 people - 53%) tipping France. Another 38% tipped a draw. Only 9% tipped an Australian win! 

    Fabio Gross / VAR (98)

    After the early (and, of course, controversial) use of the VAR at the World Cup, we wondered whether VAR might have changed the course of history for Australia at the 2006 World Cup. We know that many of our readers (and writers) are vehemently opposed to the VAR so we purposely limited the response options to a simple “yes” or “no”.

    Not surprisingly perhaps, the majority (67%) opted for “yes”. Sadly, we'll never know.

    Our latest poll is whether you think we can win against Peru AND advance to the second stage? (It is possible to win against Peru and not leave the group also, hence the question). Have a vote here on our home page

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