FFA started last Saturday week with one issue: the transparency of their decision-making and what led them to the decision to sack Alen Stajcic as coach of the Matildas.

Transparency is something Chris Nikou promised us when he was elected. Their handling of that decision since has resulted in so many more issues for them to deal with.

Yesterday (Sunday 27 January) I received an email from a director of FFA which I find to be inappropriate, without basis, and a veiled attempt to silence and intimidate me. 

I briefed a solicitor on this matter. My solicitor wrote back to the director yesterday requesting a reply, and confirmation that a number of communications produced by the director about this matter (which are in my possession) were in fact issued by the director. I also sought further comment from the director on the communications issued by this person.

We have received a brief response today that is not satisfactory.

I intend taking up this matter with the Chairman of the FFA at the earliest possible opportunity to find out, amongst other things, whether the director has spoken for the whole Board. This is without prejudice to any other issues my solicitor will raise.

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