The lull before the storm. The A-League is over. Tomorrow, Bert van Marwijk announces his 26-man squad to travel to Turkey. Andrew Howe presents the #92 Souvenir Edition of the Encyclopedia of Socceroos to FFA this week (#1 has gone to the National Library of Australia). The World Cup starts in a little under five weeks. 

And it's Mother's Day. Happy Mother's Day to all the 'soccer mums' and football-playing mums out there. 

That's our round-about way of saying there's not a lot of news today.



  • But don't despair! Robbie Slater knows how to fix the A-League. First, invite him to next year's A-League Awards - nah, just kidding. Taking a leaf out of Mike Tuckerman's piece earlier in the week who wrote about five things the A-League needed to get right in the off-season, Slater suggests four things:
    1. Marketing - wow
    2. Marquee players - get them
    3. Salary cap - ditch it
    4. VAR - improve it. 
  • In terms of marquee players, FFA is not only pursuing the opportunity of Andres Iniesta's possible interest, but has also drawn up a list of others including the marvellous Keisuke Honda. By the way, with Iniesta interested in viticulture, wouldn't Adelaide United be perfect for him? 
  • Craig Johnston has written an open letter to FFA blasting them over the VAR failure in the A-League grand final. To help make up for it, he suggests free registration for every child in the region for 2019 and a membership credit for Newcastle Jets members for the 2018/19 season - referred to, by a 14-year-old, as Validated Automatic Renewal. Johnston says the people of the region were “robbed, cheated and disrespected”. 

A-League expansion

  • Exactly, Michael Lynch. “It is a measure of the underlying strength and support for the game that despite all the problems it has faced this year there are anything between eight and a dozen or more consortia interested in bankrolling a new club.” And it has long been the case with football in this country. Lynch sets out a proposal remarkably similar to that written about by Rabieh Krayem more than 18 months ago, urging a more 'bullish' attitude towards expansion via the introduction of promotion before relegation. 
  • The City of Casey in outer-suburban Melbourne will invest almost $24 million to support the 'Team 11' A-League expansion bid, with the money being used to fund a “top flight regional centre of soccer excellence”. The Mayor, Geoff Ablett (is he related to Gary?) says football (ok, he says 'soccer') is “booming” in the region and they are struggling to keep up with demand. It appears that stage one works, comprising $18 million of expenditure on three floodlit synthetic pitches, a floodlit main turf pitch, and a pavilion with eight changing rooms, will begin later this year subject to state government funding. 


  • Proposed roadworks in South Australia, made possible by the Federal Budget, may interfere with Croydon Kings' home ground, forcing them to co-locate to their junior player base. Club President, Anthony Colangelo, says this isn't a bad thing but ... they need $6-7 million from the state government to bring the new grounds up to NPL standard. 

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